France In My Pants

Lingerie from   Galeries Lafayette

Lingerie from Galeries Lafayette

During my recent Parisian holiday, I found myself in the lingerie section of the iconic Galeries Lafayette store.  

As I floated through, totally mesmerised, I realised that unlike most Australian stores, the lingerie department occupied an entire floor - covering a staggering 3,500 square metres! Little wonder; French women apparently spend 20% of their income on lingerie. That's more than I spend on actual clothing!

Even more fascinating was the discovery that the modest ensembles showcased at one end of the huge floor became increasingly risqué  throughout and towards the opposite end ... culminating in très sexy gossamer-thin bra and panties sets, crystal-encrusted bodysuits, and slightly dangerous leather whips that melt like butter on the skin.  It was enough to make a girl from Byron Bay - where one comparatively tame lingerie boutique exists - blush all the way down to her boring old Bonds. 

It was enough to make a girl from Byron Bay blush all the way down to her boring old Bonds

And there’s more ..!  

in Parisian arrondissements (neighbourhoods) there exists not one but multiple lingerie boutiques.  Because French women love to feel and look beautiful not necessarily for a man, but for themselves ... kind of like an invisible layer of femininity that permeates their self esteem and daily lives.  

Lacey rituals ... comme une Parisienne

When I got back to Byron Bay, I banished the boring Bonds and began dressing each morning comme une femme Parisienne  – a feminine, lacy ensemble hiding beneath whatever I'm wearing, and for my sole pleasure.  Now that I'm living in Paris, I continue this ritual that celebrates my femininity and feels luxurious against my skin but also has an ulterior motive ... whether there is a man in my life or not, I can still have France in my pants!